Tonight on Bay Area Third Eye unravel the secrets of longevity

Tonight on Bay Area Third Eye unravel the secrets of longevity, hear about what can contribute to making you a centenarian as we talk to Dr Sudhir who will
share his views on what makes inhabitants of a village reach the ripe years of nearly a hundred. Tune in to Bay Area Third KLOK 1170AM to find out where is this village and what is the secret. Included in the jam-packed show will be financial terminology demystified, heads up on Satinder Sartaj show and much more…


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Top Weight Loss Foods for 2010
If you’re like most Americans, you’ve gained about 5 pounds since Thanksgiving. Each small holiday-season indulgence may have seemed like no big deal at the time, but added all together, they created the perfect storm for a juggernaut of jiggle. Don’t believe us? Consider the caloric damage of typical holiday activities—weekly parties, with buffet tables lined with goodies and treats; cookies and cakes delivered by your well-intentioned neighbors; and seasonal beverages, from holiday lagers to rum-spiked eggnogs, that had you washing down those hundreds of extra calories with, well, hundreds of extrea calories. It’s no wonder Baby New Year always makes her debut toting a gargantuan gut!

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Cranial Adjusting with Dr. Adam Fields

Cranial Adjusting with Dr. Adam Fields

From: dradamfields | February 06, 2009 | 973 views
Adam B. Fields, D.C., through patient testamonials and demonstration, shows powerful results from adjusting the bones of the skull. From anxiety to sinus issues and beyond. THESE HEALTH BENEFITS ARE AMAZING